Jane Rogers

Profile Updated: July 14, 2017
Residing In: Salt Lake City, UT USA
Occupation: Business Development, The Insight Group, Inc.

Upon graduating, Lee Smith, Sue Summerhays, Jean Sorenson and I went to USU and roomed together. Our neighbors were another group of darling and fun Skyline girls including Doni Aplanalp, Leslie Robbins, Pam Jones, Ilene England and a few others. We had a wonderful time and actually graduated...myself in Business.

My first job was with IBM in Salt Lake selling typewriters, copiers and word processing equipment. It's shocking to look back at what has happened in the technology arena. I was there when we announced the first personal computer in 1981. We all thought IBM had gone crazy. Only Radio Shack had those dumb little computers! At one point I lived in Atlanta and Scott Howell and I worked together and he couldn't have been more fun and also more kind when I had to move home with an illness. It was a great 11 year ride.

In 1986 I opened Red's Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream on 9th & 9th and subsequently two more stores. The best part of owning these stores was that I met so many wonderful people, some who are still great friends. Although I still think our yogurt was the best, it was tought to make a living!

At the age of 37, I decided to go on a mission for the LDS Church to Toronto, Canada. It was a great experience and very life changing. However, I do have to say that the first night at the MTC when lying in a bunk bed sharing a room with three other 21 year old girls eating Twinkies, I seriously wondered how on earth this happened! I'm sure we've all found that it's usually better we don't know what we are getting into or some of our life's choices would have been very different.

I also worked for O.C. Tanner for 5 years managing eight sales offices in the Mid-Atlantic part of the US and that, too, was a great experience. My last year was in the marketing department on the Olympic team, as we had sponsored the Salt Lake 2002 Games. We made the athletes medals and created a line of high-end jewelry for those wanting a memorable piece from the Games.

Since 2004 I have been self-employed representing The Insight Group, a retirement planning and wealth advisor here in Salt Lake. I wish I knew 30 years ago what I know now and maybe I wouldn't have to work until I am 100! Whoever thought we'd be thinking about retiring?

I've never married but have had a wonderful life and with 57 nieces and nephews. It's weird to have "great" nieces and nephews. My life has also been blessed with church activities that have brought great understanding and fulfillment.

I have really enjoyed looking through this site and appreciate all of you who have spent a lot of time and effort in creating this.

School Story:

I look back on my high school days with very fond memories and still cherish the friends I made during these three years. I feel so lucky to have been there when we were. Our football team made every Fall such great fun and basketball season was the same and our school spirit was fabulous. Traveling to other schools for the games made for a great Friday afternoon or evening. I don't think smarter or more fun kids existed than at Skyline!

A couple of fun memories came to mind when reflecting. One day I was taking a test in my English class and I heard someone whispering "Jane, Jane" and I looked over and it was Dru Weggeland standing outside very anxious to tell me something. I asked to talk to her and she frantically told me that my yellow Volkswagen was being towed from the front circle! Mr. Middleton seemed to have a line on me at all times!! I was able to schmooze the guy into letting me move it instead! No wonder Dru has remained one of my closest friends.

I was so saddened just now to learn of so many of our classmates who have passed away. Linc Dastrup especially surprised me. I have a million funny memories of Linc starting back in the 7th grade at Churchill in Mr. Dunkley's math class. During our senior year he was kicked out of Senior Choir and so the night we were recording the album and were all barely breathing in between songs so as not to mess up the recording, someone started pounding on the door. Of course we had to start over and it must have happened two or three times. Not surprisingly there was never anyone in the hallway. Mr. Miller was FURIOUS! Can't you just see him now? It was very funny to all of us. The next day in English, Linc and I roared when he told me it was him! He was always so much fun and such a happy, funny, very kind person. It made me very happy to see he had a wonderful life with his wife and 5 children.

Current Classmate Friends:

Shirin Omana Cannon, Dru Weggeland Clark, Jane Hinckley Dudley, Doni Aplanalp Bates, Jean Sorensen Mack, Diane Lindsley Terry.

Favorite Teacher(s):

Miss Hronek, Mr. Weight, Mr. Warner. But my favorite at Skyline was Ginger Gunn.

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Posted: Jan 14, 2017 at 8:54 PM